From Gil we are in constant innovation looking for the most suitable solutions for the needs of our customers.
At present, woody crops are booming, and for a few years they have been earning hectares in the face of cereal. This great growth has caused that some of the tasks carried out for the care and development of the tree are not fully mechanized.
Fertilization is one of the most important pillars for obtaining good results, and until now this work is done in a very heterogeneous way depending on the place, the crop, the farmer and the morphology of the land. As the fertilizer is carried out in many parts of Spain, it involves very high labor, fertilizer and time costs, since in most cases it is being carried out in an inadequate way, thus wasting a lot of fertilizer, and all the expenses in time and personnel that this entails.
So far the high price of some products, such as oil and almonds, has made these extra costs not a priority, but little by little you have to look for maximum profitability with the lowest possible expenses.
For these reasons we wanted to investigate how to solve this problem, reduce these costs while improving and facilitating the work of subscribers. For this we have patented and launched our new FERTIFRUIT LOCALIZATION FIXER.
There is nothing like it in the market, it adapts to both extensive and intensive plantations thanks to its extensible arms of up to 10m. Deposita the fertilizer in the amount and in the place desired by the farmer, without wasting fertilizer between trees or through the street, and thus avoid the feeding of weeds, the contamination of groundwater, and above all the cost savings and weather.
Its operation consists of detecting the tree and depositing it in the place and the amount selected by the farmer. The precision of this machine means that it can be used in all types and ages of planting. It is a totally revolutionary machine and that will be the future in the world of fertilization of this type of crops.


Julio Gil Águeda e Hijos S.A. It brings to the market a new AL fertilizer spreader for woody crops, with stainless steel hopper, spring driven wheel to ensure a proportional dosage to the advance in any terrain condition. Two arms on a telescopic chassis every 10 cm to adapt to the plantation frame. Depth control wheels and filling Gateway.

FIMA 2018

We invite you to visit our booth next February, 2018, with many new features at FIMA 2018. We will be in pavilion 2, booth 02-09 and during the days 20 to 24 of February.

All GIL staff will be at FIMA to resolve any concerns they may have about our machinery.



From GIL we have developed a new range of sprayers as many suspended (ANETO models) as dragged (model ABANTOS) with metal rods in profile steel of high yield strength. These sprayers have the following technical characteristics:
• Chassis made of high-tensile steel, polyurethane paint on a peened base.
• Electrical controls, control computers and GPS guidance systems.
• Work operations and product incorporator in a single zone.
• Compact hydraulic folding.
• Handwash tank.
• Auxiliary clean water tank.
• Hydraulic lift and spring suspension.
• Bar in steel profile in high elastic limit and reinforced articulations.

New mobile app

For DEMOAGRO 2017 a new mobile application is now available, which can be downloaded in PLAY STORE and APP STORE. It is the APP DEMOAGRO 2017.
It can be downloaded for free and serves to disseminate all the news and events that will be in DEMOAGRO 2017. In all the mobiles that have it downloaded an alert will jump every time there is going to be an act of DEMOAGRO.

SIMA 2017

Seeders GIL returned to Paris over the top. The entrance to Pavilion 6 had a large booth where the Spanish manufacturer once again showed its wide range of seeders, chisels, plows and sprayers. “We have to take care of an important market for us as it is France”, commented the manager Julio Gil, also present in Paris. As a territory also with a great wine-growing tradition, GIL put special emphasis on its direct seeder for vineyard SNLV, with a very precise dosing control thanks to the weighing tray and a double-toothed distributor, with the possibility of planting all kinds of Grain, large or small, with maximum precision. In SIMA there was demand for both versions: the grid, with a working width of 1 or 1.5 m and a capacity of 250 or 355 l, respectively, with the inverted T grid facilitates the closure of the groove and is ideal for Germination and rooting; And of disks, with working width of 1 or 1.2 m and a capacity of 330 or 440 l, respectively, and a disc with slope that opens the ground facilitating the penetration of the seed in the ground, a tilting wheel that closes The groove and rubber wheel compacts the ground, ensuring a constant depth of the seed.


From GIL we want to inform you of our attendance at upcoming fairs. In them you will find all the news that we will launch for this year 2017. In addition you will be able to find technical staff of GIL who can inform you about all the doubts they have about our manufactured.

FERIA DE PARIS (SIMA 2017): Del 26 de Febrero al 2 de Marzo de 2017. Pabellón 6, stand G-026


FERIA DE MOLLERUSA: Del 17 al 19 de Marzo

FERIA DE LERMA: Del 30 de Abril al 2 de Mayo

DEMOAGRO 2017: Del 9 al 11 de Mayo


FERIA DE ALBACETE: Del 18 al 21 de Mayo

Direct seed drill for vineyard

At EIMA Sembradoras Gil presented its seeder for direct sowing SNLV, with a very precise dosage control thanks to the weighing scale and to a distributor of double toothed, with the possibility of planting all type of grain, big or small, with the maximum precision. There are two versions:
• Discs: model with working width of 1 m and a capacity of 330 l, and another of 1.2 m and 440 l capacity. A sloping disc opens the ground facilitating the penetration of the seed into the ground, the tilted wheel closes the groove and the rubber wheel compacts the ground, ensuring a constant depth of the seed. The cleaning disc allows working in very difficult conditions.
• Grid: model with working width of 1 m and a capacity of 250 l, and another of 1.5 m and 355 l capacity. The inverted T grid facilitates the closing of the groove and is ideal for germination and rooting. The grain is deposited in the groove to optimize its correct growth.


The farm “La Granja” in the municipality of San Clemente has been chosen to host the next edition of DEMOAGRO.

Consolidated the format that characterizes it, DEMOAGRO moves to CASTILLA-LA MANCHA, one of the communities of greater relevance in the sector. The ANSEMAT Development, Communication and Trade Commission, in charge of organizing the Demonstration, fulfilling the objective of offering a traveling DEMOAGRO, has chosen the farm “La Granja” as the ideal location for the celebration of the event. Located in the municipality of San Clemente (Cuenca), it counts, in addition to a magnificent situation, with excellent qualities to host this third edition. It will be the 9th, 10th and 11th of May 2017. We are waiting for you.