From Gil we are in constant innovation looking for the most suitable solutions for the needs of our customers.
At present, woody crops are booming, and for a few years they have been earning hectares in the face of cereal. This great growth has caused that some of the tasks carried out for the care and development of the tree are not fully mechanized.
Fertilization is one of the most important pillars for obtaining good results, and until now this work is done in a very heterogeneous way depending on the place, the crop, the farmer and the morphology of the land. As the fertilizer is carried out in many parts of Spain, it involves very high labor, fertilizer and time costs, since in most cases it is being carried out in an inadequate way, thus wasting a lot of fertilizer, and all the expenses in time and personnel that this entails.
So far the high price of some products, such as oil and almonds, has made these extra costs not a priority, but little by little you have to look for maximum profitability with the lowest possible expenses.
For these reasons we wanted to investigate how to solve this problem, reduce these costs while improving and facilitating the work of subscribers. For this we have patented and launched our new FERTIFRUIT LOCALIZATION FIXER.
There is nothing like it in the market, it adapts to both extensive and intensive plantations thanks to its extensible arms of up to 10m. Deposita the fertilizer in the amount and in the place desired by the farmer, without wasting fertilizer between trees or through the street, and thus avoid the feeding of weeds, the contamination of groundwater, and above all the cost savings and weather.
Its operation consists of detecting the tree and depositing it in the place and the amount selected by the farmer. The precision of this machine means that it can be used in all types and ages of planting. It is a totally revolutionary machine and that will be the future in the world of fertilization of this type of crops.