Sembradoras GIL

The GIL machines work in all fields successfully, thanks to the innovation and the research effort, able to propose technical solutions of vanguard.
This is the result of a production philosophy that ensures the highest levels of quality: a fundamental characteristic of GIL machines.
The reliability of GIL products is the secret that has led this company to be the leader in the field of sowing and preparation of the land.
Our brand is the largest exporter of Spanish seeders.

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Our company was founded in 1954 in a small workshop where they were forging the first Spanish seeders . At present, the factory has four factories with a total area of 22,500 m2 on a plot of 35,500 m2 total , with the highest technology for the manufacture of its products, test farms where new prototypes are experienced before bring them to market , assuring our customers a high quality and perfect performance .
An innovative company nationwide , introducer of technologies for planting and preparing the ground today indispensable in the current cultivation techniques ; always with the daily work experience in the field.
All this has led to our brand, ” SEED GIL ” to be the leader in its product range in the Spanish market and the largest exporter of Spanish seeders .


Everyone’s job . Engineers, technicians , professionals, specialists foot field in the R & D department … etc. , investigate , propose and develop solutions and technologically advanced projects daily.
This ongoing investment in research , development and improvement of new products substantially reversed in the final quality of the manufactured , which makes GIL SA , in the great world leader in the agricultural machinery sector .
Based on the work of all professionals GIL SA , our machines respond to the needs of an advanced and committed to the latest technology and with the objectives of excellence in the workplace agriculture, soil protection , respect for the environment and the economic interests of maximum profitability.

GIL in the world

For more than 40 years ago GIL SA , exports its entire range of products , especially planters and sprayers , over 70 countries across 5 continents.
As successful brand recognized worldwide , GIL SA , is valued by the remarkably large agricultural professionals . The quality of their finishes , technological level and equipment of the machines are crucial points that now a team GIL is purchased.
Today, with more than 60 % of its production sold in foreign markets , make GIL SA It is the leading Spanish company in the sector .


Site preparation , planting , fertilization , pesticide treatments are basic points for each farm achieves the desired success in the harvest .
Therefore, in Gil SA , we demand our best to provide technologically perfect , precise and strong teams. Teams that are pre-market undergoing grueling tests in extreme conditions and aggressive treatment in order to ensure in your life use a high performance, high durability and precision. So , today , one Gil machine is synonymous with quality. A quality that is certified and approved by International Laboratories and Institutes of prestige.